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four more years. president obama wins a second term. we're live at the victory party
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in chicago. >> we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the united states the best is yet to come. in california the governor sticks his neck out begging for a tax like. >> will his gamble pay off? high stake votes on the death penalties, genetic modified foods, and more. >> what a night for the president. just 18 minutes after polls closed in california, cbs news projected that he would be reelected to a second term. the crowd went wild at his campaign headquarters in chicago. the president first thanked his supporters on twitter saying "we are all in this together. that's how we campaigned." and just before 10:00 mitt romney called the president to
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concede. he thanked his runningmate paul ryan calling him the best choice he has ever made after his wife ann, of course, and he said it was time to put aside partisan bickering and work together for the good of the country. >> the president won with 303 electoral votes. the president needed only 270. it all came down to ohio tonight. that's what's everyone has been talking about for weeks. mr. obama's victory there sealed the second term. >> proposition starting with prop 30, the governor's tax man to make or break california's education system and has $6 billion in trigger cuts riding on its decision. right now, it's 50/50. look at that. neck and neck. it has changed. it was losing a moment ago.
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and i didn't see pre sifrnths cincts reporting but it is neck and neck. >> cbs political insider phil mctear and the team of reporters covering our campaign 2012 coverage tonight. >> but first, we're going to go to cbs 5 grace lee. huge night for the president and the democrats. >> reporter: absolutely, it was. we expected it to be close but the president got a hundred votes more than governor romney but in the popular vote, both getting 49% of the vote. and maybe why we heard this theme from the president talking about unity in his victory speech. we want to go to joe tuman. we have to unite the country once again but this time the
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president seemed to have a milder tone. >> i think in some ways what you heard tonight was the product of exhaustion. you are just a walking zombie at the end of one of these things and exhilaration. the speed is reminiscent. he was gracious to governor romney and waxed poetic about the future. he chas has big challenges ahead of him with a divided congress. >> phil mctear, our political insider, we were talking about it an hour ago, you were on the phone with people from the governor's office who said don't worry about the numbers right now. let's see what they are at end of the night on 30. >> it was the early returns from the more conserve areas and as we're seeing it's creeping up. it's neck and neck fight and a
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fight to the finish on this one. lots at stake on this one, education funding, prison funding, the governor's next two years, pretty much put it on the line here, look at that, 50/50. talk about chose. >> this was a huge gut check for californians. >> asking for one more time to straightening thing out and a referendum on jerry brown as well. >> we'll talk about that. alan martin is at the yes on 30 headquarters tonight. where is everybody? what are you hearing? >> well, they're getting pretty energized because this crowd has not been down at all tonight. they're hopeful that as we are seeing, as more votes are being counted that prop 30 will pass. why the state budget was written the way it was? it kicks $6 billion in budget
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cuts in mostly to education. the big supporters are with the california teachers association. if it passes the state sales tax goes up a quarter, a quarter penny on the dollar for four years, it would last for four years. income tax would go up for seven years if you make more than $250,000 a year. now, that revenue would offset the trigger. earlier i asked dean vogel head of the teacher's union, a happens if the trigger cuts go into effect. >> people are saying we have to stay to the world standards in california and now you're going to eliminate 15 instructal days it doesn't make sense. but that's where we are. what we believe is when we took that case to the voter and the voter understood the truth about the initiative they said we're standing with you. >> reporter: well, i think all that this crowd needs to see is
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governor jerry brown walk in that door. we're expecting it any minute. these folks with the teacher's union rallying up the crowd. the mood is very positive. >> all right, alan martin. we had continue to check back with you as this proposition ebbs and flows. the race has brought up a hot button issue, prop 34, repealing the death penalty, and the numbers weren't good for supporters of that. the yes vote at 45%, the no vote at 55%. it's losing by about 10 percentage points. linda ye is with those who want to repeel the death penalty but they're behind, linda. >> reporter: they are behind but not conceding in the points tonight. these numbers are still early and they are optimistic that the numbers could change once the
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statewise precincts are reported. if this measure does pass, 727 inmates, those are the condemned inmates sitting at death roy at san quentin, and 20 women on death row, will automately have been resentenced to life in prison. supporters with counting on that. this is the first vote on the death penalty that california voters have been faced with since 1978. 71% of those voters back in 1978 approved a measure that would have expanded the number of murder categories eligible for the death penalty. tonight people here say at least the conversation continues. >> i want to thank you very much. phil, victim rights organizations are against this measure. it is an emotional proposition for many people but yet there is a lot of talk about how much money the state would save. >> yes.
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that was the argument that was being used this time. okay, lets a say you support the idea of the death penalty. the fact that the state of california has spent $4 billion since 1978 and had 13 executions that are being tied up in appeals, and that is costing about $300 million per execution, why not spend the money elsewhere. that was the argument. but then on the ballot it also pointed out it would cost $100 million for other programs so when people got in that ballot box, perhaps that argument reversed it. this is a reversal of what the polls have been showing. >> i wonder how much the economy played into it, you know we've had so much -- >> we tried to point to a lot of things but a lot of this stuff, whether it's this or three strikes, it's how you feel going n it's just one of those issues that people carry around with them, gay marriage, death penalty. it's an emotional issue as much
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as an economy issue or anything else. >> we'll see it again and again until it passes, probably. >> or we'll continue to fight it out in courts. >> thank you very much. grace lee is watching other issues. grace, what are you seeing? >> reporter: proposition 36, this would revise the three strikes law and what we're seeing is with 27% of the vote counted, prop 36 is winning. that's the trend we've been seeing all night and it continues as of now. and with 23% of the vote reporting, prop 27 requiring food to be labelled. it is losing. this would require the unions to get permission before they're able to deduct contributions, and we are seeing that the yes votes are trailing by 4
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percentage points. so much attention has been put on them, that is where some of them stand at this point. >> sounds good, we'll check back with you. the heavy weight battle over giving thousands of workers a raise. >> plus the bitter city council race that got physical. we're going to come right back. ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy!
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states" you're looking at the next president of the . >> we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we were made more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america and together with your help and god's grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on
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earth. thank you, america. god bless you. god bless these united states. you are looking at the current and next president of the united states giving a very impassioned speech after a very long campaign. this is how the night has ended so far with mr. obama coming in with 50% of the popular vote. not much separates him in terms of the popular vote between mr. romney and mr. obama, but he did win the popular vote as well as the electoral vote. >> and that was up for grabs for several hours. the popular vote was sitting with mr. romney. now the president has both. people across the bay area has been watching chosely as the results came in. we're with the republican party. but let's check in with joe vasquez who is with the democrats in san fransisco. are they partied out already?
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>> reporter: the crowd has diminished since obama's speech wound down. there were hundreds of people here and they had a war room as they were calling it around the country to drive out the vote. let me show you video of what happened just after the 8:00 hour just as the returns started coming in from the west, and it became apparent after california, oregon, and ohio started getting called, these folks were cheering, there were tears and hugs. i spoke to one lady who was crying who told me she was very proud obama had won. >> my disabled son and the issues that concern me about his life are going to be very differently treated with an obama administration than they might have been with romney. disability means a lot and we won this election for them! >> reporter: that level of intensity went on for a couple of hours, and just started
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subsiding here just a few minutes ago after obama's victory speech. a lot of people very proud their election efforts have succeeded. >> i'm in walnut creek where republicans are disheartened that mitt romney did not win the white house and they're blaming themselves for this loss. they're not forceful, they don't make the attempt to let people understand that lower tax rates are a good thing. they ludicrously allowed obama to win that argument. >> i got concerned when ohio was an issue. >> reporter: republican state party chair is predicting that the economy will go into another slump with the second obama administration but he thinks the republicans will make gains in congress in two years and we
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will have a republican governor here in california. . >> another high profile issue on the ballot, a lot of money spent on genetically modified food labelling. right now that prop, 37, is losing 56-44%. we're going to check in with elizabeth cook who is in san mateo talking to shoppers about food labelling. >> reporter: well a month ago this -- the ballot initiative was heeding in the polls by 60% but now they admit they were outspent by the opposition and that is what made the difference tonight. the no on 37 campaign raised $37 million more, most of that coming from big name companies like dow and pepsi cola. whole foods was a big supporter of prop 37. most of the customers who were here as well. some found it a little hard to
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swallow. >> when you have genetically modified food sometimes it's for a good reason, sometimes not so good. but why not say that you're doing it. >> there's plenty of information provided already, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: and i spoke to the folks on yes on 37 campaign, they're not giving up. now they plan to target the fda, food manufacturers and other states. this race still not over yet tonight. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. we're also following two very hotly contested votes in san jose. tonight. a david and goliath showdown over raising the minimum wage. it is winning, 57% to 43%, winding handily right now. it would impact 50,000 san jose workers by increasing the minimum wage from 8 to $10 an
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hour. that's with 14% of the precincts reporting. >> this originated as a chas project from san jose state. but it has turned into a heavy weight battle. >> reporter: the folks here at local labor unions like the way it is going tonight with measure d. the south bay labor council is a powerful coalition of unions. they were careful not to call it a victory speech but if this passes it will touch a lot of lives. >> anyone know what this means tonight? 50,000 people in san jose, the tenth largest city in the country, are going to get a raise. [ cheering ]. . >> another 20,000 people are going to see their pay increase because the people they're managing are making more money. 70,000 people's lives are going to get better.
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>> reporter: and so again, it would have a ripple effect. the bosses of all those people working and managing those minimum wage workers. the guy making $10 an hour probably has to make $12 an hour because of measure d. however, the silicon valley chamber of commerce says that likely businesses will have to cut back hours and that 3100 jobs would be lost. not a big deal. tonight they're focused on partying that measure d will pass. one of the contentious races in san jose is a runoff for the district 8 city council seat. >> a race between rose herrera running for her last term and jimmie nyugen who is an attorney. we've seen these numbers nipped, herrera is winning 55-45% and this is showing with 15% of the precincts coming in but not that
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hong ago -- long ago the numbers were drastically different. >> there were allegations of people stealing signs and it was a contentious campaign. here is more. >> reporter: well, that's exactly right. this was a happy household here. there is -- there is a very happy household in the evergreen district. this is the home for herrera, she's seemingly one reelection here. she is giving a victory speech in the diningroom here. you can see the crowd gathering. >> can you see him? >> that's the best part of election coverage. phil has something to say. jump on in. >> i was watching the returns on
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fox news, and i saw them squirming, but there was also on some of the commentators that continuing note of negativity. and when i listened to the president i heard just the opposite. a positive vision, inclusion, bringing america together, everyone has a chance. we're going to pull together as one people, a united states of america just like we pulled together as californians first. that's the same thing. [ cheering ]. . >> we're up against some pretty tough opposition. opposition not just to our public schools and investing in what they really need, but also in the right of working people to organize and organize their political power to advance the
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cause of working people everywhere. that's 32. [ applause ]. >> proposition 30 i know a lot of people had some, some doubts, had some questions about can we really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax. well, when i ran for governor i did say, i said three things, one, i want to heavily with you, tell you the truth, no more smoke and mirrors on the budget, we won't have taxes unless the people vote for it, and three, we will move governments as close as we can to local people and the communities. here we are. we have the vote of the people. i think the only place in america where state said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams. [ applause ].
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. >> and i want to acknowledge and thank everyone who was a part of that. people in behind me, in front of me, the different groups that gave funds. by the way, we ought to acknowledge that what a wide coalition. people who would not otherwise agree on many things, came together. they came together for many reasons, but a core reason that brought people together in support of proposition 30 was the belief in our schools and our university and in the capacity of the state government to make some wise investments that had benefit all of us. that's what proposition 30 was about and i want to thank you for helping me get it. [ applause ]. . >> the state has had troubled
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times. we have difficult challenges ahead but the hast couple of years we've come together and we've made major, major advances and tonight with president obama elected, opposed by some of the same forces that opposed you and oppose the proposition 30 and keep saying government can't do anything right. well, let's not go overboard with the cool aid of the market eye dalogue but that xheshg works with business, individuals, labor, where they pull together. so proposition 30 is a unifying force and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles. yes on 30, yes on our kids, yes on california. we're all in it together. thank you very much.
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[ applause ]. >> governor jerry brown almost willing this proposition 30 to success tonight and gap is widening. >> every vote that comes in he gets stronger and stronger. it's leading by over 140,000 votes. 51 to 49%. >> about 49% in. >> it's a long time since i've seen someone so happy. in politics, in a tax in a situation like this, if you can start tracking and beat the opposition and get over that 50%, there's a good chance you've made it. it may not hook pretty but you've made it -- look pretty but you've made it. even with this, the state is not out of the woods yet and those very people whose hands he's shaking represent a lot of the same label groups that fund the his measure and he'll have to sit down with them and get more
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concessions and changes if this is going to work. this is a step. he has a spring in his step when he stepped up to that thing because a hill while ago he was looking at a chance for a defeat. >> we want to check in with alan mart tin. you're in sacramento, i believe, with the yes on 30 folks, and some of the other parties around the bay area have kind of dwindled down as we've gotten into the 11:00 hour. that one looks like it's still cook being. >> reporter: i think it's just getting going, actually. the mood in here was so different when jerry brown entered the room, i mean, there were folks from labor unions and the teachers association trying to pick up spirits, the food, the bars were open. when jerry brown hit the podium it was energy plus and when he said prop 30 is a unifying force in california, i think that's
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what resignated with peep in this room. a lot of them would be affected by those trigger cuts, $6 billion taken from education in this state. it would have been huge and i'm not saying this is a done deal but obviously the way it has been strending it's been trending toward the yes votes tonight. the young governor said he would tell the truth and no taxes unless people voted on it and tonight it looks like the people of california are voting to raise the sales tax temporarily by a quarter%. >> thank you. coming back, this was a knack down drag out battle. >> this had everything. the governor's reputation, he left politics and came back. it's the his second time around. it was the corper stone of his
11:30 pm
administration, two years of despair or repair, and let's not think he was hr a target of that last minute mystery money from arizona: can he drag this thing out? >> he dragged it across the line. he had a five city blitz, to push this thing. he would have shown up at your house if you called him. >> i think he would have. and i would have had him over. we're going bark to the herrera nguyen race. it looked like there was an acceptance speech going on a minute ago. . >> reporter: that's right. just a few minutes ago there was an acceptance speech by city council member rose her era.
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she is now returning to the city council after a bitter campaign to try to unseat her. it was about pension reform here in san jose. as you know, it's big issue, big on the agenda for mayor chuck reed and rose her era was the swing vote that got that passed by 70% of the voters. it is now on the city books but this race was in danger of having that be turned around by the election if it happened by n. nguyen. he was backed by the unions in san jose, the police and fire union. almost $500,000 was spent on this runoff election. it was a very bitter campaign. here's what rose herrera had to
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say after the polls showed her running ahead. we look at a million dollars being spent between the primary and this general election against me. it's an obscene amount of money to be thrown at the race. >> reporter: she had turn to her city council seat. it looks like the reforms will continue. as for the -- mr. jimmie nguyen, he will probably be returning to his private attorney practice but rose herrera going back to work. >> when we talk about how devicive this race became and i'm wondering if rose here era will have the political clout to
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move forward. >> the had of the the teem watts a support hast june. 70% were in favor of reform. she was on the council and she did support chuck reid in those efforts and it's going to save a san jose a lot of money because it won't have to pay out such big lump sums to the miss and fire rer 45 miss. johnny cammis appears to be running ahead as well. the message coming from san jose seems to be pretty clear that this is what the voters want. despite the best efforts of the union to try to unseed and undo that it doesn't look like it had be helping.
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>> thank you very much. before we go, we take a look at some of the other bay area ballot initiatives. and si idewalks in berkeley... 100% of the vote in from now, proposition f, it is going down in defeat. 77% to 23%. . alameda county measure f, yes vote, 58%, no vote, 42%. map ,,

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